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Charting 1997: 12th July

Another busy week.

01. (1) Puff Daddy And Faith Evans - I'll Be Missing You
02. (2) Sash! - Ecuador
03.(NE) 911 - The Journey
I'm a bit surprised this hasn't yet been an X-Factor winner's single.
04. (6) Ultra Nate - Free
05.(NE) Todd Terry - Something Goin' On
Teaming up again with Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown, who'd fronted his hit version of 'Keep On Jumpin' the previous year. This, unlike that, was an original song, but still in the same slightly-retro style. Not something I'd have given a second thought to at the time.
06. (5) The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony
07. (4) Hanson - Mmm Bop
08.(NE) Sheryl Crow - A Change Would Do You Good
Finally cracking the Top 10 with the fourth single from her self-titled album, possibly thanks to Michel Gondry's innovative video (which I was never a fan of personally, not least because Crow herself seems so uncomfortable in it). One of her best songs though, a combination of dryly observed lyrics and crunchy lo-fi style production. It's only called 'A Change' on the album though.
09. (7) Eternal - I Wanna Be The Only One ft BeBe Winans
10. (3) No Doubt - Just A Girl {1997}
11.(NE) Ghostface Killah - All That I Got Is You
Scarily-named Wu-Tang Clan member goes solo with this surprisingly heartwarming tribute to his mother.
12.(NE) Alisha's Attic - Air We Breathe
Their fourth hit, and their third in a row to peak at 12 in the chart (the ones either side got to 14 and 13!). That fact is possibly more interesting than the song, which is a serviceable but unexciting slowie.
13.(10) Mr President - Coco Jamboo
14. (8) The Course - Ain't Nobody
15.(13) Sarah Brightman And Andrea Bocelli - Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro)
16.(14) Rosie Gaines - Closer Than Close
17.(NE) Teenage Fanclub - Ain't That Enough
Now, this is rather more like it, the veterans of mellow Scottish indie finally hitting the Top 20 and getting onto Top Of The Pops, albeit with the following wind of musical trends working in their favour. Like many of their singles, this is a Gerry Love song and he puts it so well, how can you not think a sunrise is enough?
18.(11) Ocean Colour Scene - Hundred Mile High City
19.(16) Echo & The Bunnymen - Nothing Lasts Forever
20.(19) Celine Dion - Call The Man
21.(12) Fun Lovin' Criminals - I'm Not In Love/Scooby Snacks
22.(31) The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You {1997}
23.(NE) Diddy - Give Me Love {1997 remix}
AKA producer Richard Dearlove. Ironically, he later successfully sued the act at Number One, who now uses the stage name Diddy everywhere except the UK.
24.(28) Paula Cole - Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?
25. (9) Pet Shop Boys - Somewhere
26.(25) Az Yet - Hard To Say I'm Sorry
27.(27) Red Hot Chili Peppers - Love Rollercoaster
28.(24) Cast - Guiding Star
29.(17) The Age Of Love - The Age Of Love - The Remixes
30.(NE) 3 Colours Red - Copper Girl
Showing they could do more than one-dimensional neo-punk rock if they tried. Unfortunately they rarely did.
31.(15) The New Power Generation - The Good Life {1997}
32.(18) Wyclef Jean - We Trying To Stay Alive ft Refugee Allstars
33.(30) Savage Garden - I Want You
34.(29) Finley Quaye - Sunday Shining
35.(22) Blur - On Your Own
36.(NE) Laurnea - Days Of Youth
Ex-member of Loose Ends makes a play for Erykah Badu's territory. 
37.(NE) Robin S - It Must Be Love
Contrary to popular belief, she did have hits that weren't 'Show Me Love', but many of them were fairly obvious rehashes of it, this one included.
38.(NE) The Supernaturals - Love Has Passed Away
Possibly one single too far from their album, though it's rather fun in an OTT, drama-queen way. Even the cassette single which included their previous hits couldn't help this far into the Top 40 though.
39.(33) DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima
40.(23) James - Waltzing Along

43.(NE) Phil Collins - Wear My Hat
Thanks for the offer Phil, but I think your need is greater than mine.

45.(NE) For Real - Like I Do
46.(NE) D*Note - Waiting Hopefully
51.(NE) GUN - My Sweet Jane
54.(NE) The Wallflowers - One Headlight
It was reported at the time that lead singer Jakob Dylan had it written into all contracts involving the band that nobody could mention who his dad was in the publicity.

56.(NE) Subcircus - 86'd
I seem to recall reading at the time that the use of "86" as a verb was waitressing slang or something? Certainly, it's not something you'd want to happen to you. Subcircus always seemed like the band who could have been Placebo had Placebo not got there first, and even though the album was released twice it never charted.
57.(NE) The Lost Boyz - Love, Peace And Nappiness
60.(NE) Live - Freaks
71.(NE) Bedrock - Set In Stone/Forbidden Zone
73.(NE) Linoleum - Marquis
They famously released many singles around this time, most of them on 7"s with sleeves made from... well, you can probably guess what. This was the only one to register an official chart position, though it also seems to be the only one not on YouTube.

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