Saturday, March 24, 2012

Out today: Now 36

The first Now album of 1997, collecting hits from the start of the year and a few from the end of 1996.
You can read a more thorough study over on my other blog, but here's what you got for your money.

Disc One
  1. Spice Girls 'Mama'
  2. Texas 'Say What You Want'
  3. Bee Gees 'Alone'
  4. The Beautiful South 'Don't Marry Her'
  5. No Doubt 'Don't Speak'
  6. White Town 'Your Woman'
  7. The Blueboy 'Remember Me'
  8. Jamiroquai 'Virtual Insanity'
  9. Robert Miles feat. Maria Nayler 'One and One'
  10. George Michael 'Spinning the Wheel (Forthright Edit)'
  11. Mark Morrison 'Horny'
  12. Peter Andre 'Natural
  13. Damage 'Love Guaranteed'
  14. Eternal 'Don't You Love Me'
  15. Gabrielle 'Walk on By"
  16. Kavana 'I Can Make You Feel Good'
  17. East 17 'Hey Child'
  18. Boyzone 'A Different Beat'
  19. Backstreet Boys 'Anywhere for You'
  20. 911 'The Day We Find Love'
Disc Two
  1. U2 'Discothèque'
  2. Prodigy 'Breathe'
  3. The Chemical Brothers 'Block Rockin' Beats'
  4. Placebo'Nancy Boy'
  5. Monaco 'What Do You Want from Me?'
  6. Sheryl Crow 'Everyday Is a Winding Road'
  7. Blur 'Beetlebum'
  8. James 'She's a Star'
  9. Mansun 'Wide Open Space'
  10. Cast 'Free Me'
  11. Space 'Dark Clouds'
  12. Cathy Dennis 'Waterloo Sunset'
  13. The Divine Comedy 'Everybody Knows (Except You)'
  14. Alisha's Attic 'Indestructible'
  15. Ant and Dec 'Shout'
  16. The Source feat. Candi Staton'You Got the Love'
  17. Sash! 'Encore Une Fois'
  18. DJ Quicksilver 'Bellissima'
  19. BBE 'Flash'
  20. Amen! UK 'Passion'

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