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Charting 1997: 8th March

A third week on top for No Doubt here, still selling more than any of the previous chart-toppers of the year had managed.

01. (1) No Doubt - Don't Speak
02.(NE) Kula Shaker - Hush

The most obvious beneficiaries of the old record company habit of releasing a single in Brits week. With a brand new track (albeit not an original composition) they must have fancied their chances of the Number One but in the end they were no match for No Doubt's sales and ended up with their second appearance as runner-up. Things would never be this big again for them though, not least because of an ill-advised joke during promotional interviews for this single in which Crispian Mills suggested using giant flaming swastikas on stage.
03.(NE) Eternal - Don't You Love Me
Their first Top 3 hit.
04. (2) Sash! - Encore Une Fois
05. (5) The Bee Gees - Alone
06.(NE) Peter Andre - Natural
Part of his run of six consecutive Top 10s, though how many people remember the ones after 'Mysterious Girl' is open to question.
07. (4) No Mercy - Where Do You Go
08. (3) The Source - You Got The Love {1997}
09.(NE) Robin S - Show Me Love '97
It's 1997 so there must be a pointless remix of an old dance track, right? If you don't know this song from its many chart runs, you might have had the misfortune to hear Jason DeRulo sample it in 2011.
10. (9) Blueboy - Remember Me
11.(NE) Foxy Brown - Get Me Home ft Blackstreet
Her first UK hit with lead credit. Samples 'Gotta Get You Home Tonight' by Eugene Wilde.
12. (6) En Vogue - Don't Let Go (Love)
13.(NE) Babyface - Every Time I Close My Eyes
...It's because I'm listening to this dull music? 
14.(NE) Beck! - The New Pollution

Now this is more like it. For all his prominence and acclaim, Beck has only ever had two Top 20 singles in the UK, and this is the higher-peaking of them, albeit only by one place. This is the song that did a lot to allay my previous suspicion that he couldn't match up to the hype, and eventually persuaded me to buy the Odelay album. Sadly, he was never this much fun again either.
PS - Apologies for the rather creepy screenshot on that embed. 
15.(13) Republica - Ready To Go
16. (7) Bush - Swallowed
17.(12) DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat
18.(NE) JX - Close To Your Heart
Yeah, who knew he was still going this late on? Turns out he had yet another hit exactly seven years later too, but I don't remember that one. 
19.(NE) Prince - The Holy River
Obviously, not actually calling himself Prince at the time. He had actually performed at the Brits, but not this song. 
20. (8) Warren G - I Shot The Sheriff
21.(11) Cathy Dennis - Waterloo Sunset
22.(NE) Aerosmith - Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
You'd think a lot of things would be hard on Steven Tyler's knees at his age. He was actually only 48 at the time but he already looked a lot older. Mind you the tediousness of yet another vaguely rude-sounding Aerosmith anthem would have that effect on anyone. 
23.(NE) Erasure - Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me
OK then, I won't.
24.(NE) Ultimate Kaos - Casanova
The band who made Des Lynam say "Hoochie Booty" return two years on with a cover of the Levert hit. Somebody must have thought that was a good idea. 
25.(14) Daft Punk - Da Funk/Musique
26.(10) 911 - The Day We Find Love
27.(24) Spice Girls - 2 Become 1
28.(15) U2 - Discotheque
29.(18) Apollo 440 - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dub
30.(17) James - She's A Star
31.(28) Texas - Say What You Want
32.(22) Backstreet Boys - Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)
33.(26) Ben Folds Five - Battle Of Who Could Care Less
34.(19) Mark Owen - Clementine
35.(20) LL Cool J - Ain't Nobody
36.(23) White Town - Your Woman
37.(16) OTT - Let Me In
38.(NE) Armand Van Helden - The Funk Phenomena
From the record contract he got off the back of the Tori Amos remix. They may have been expecting something a bit more popular than this. 
39.(34) Barbra Streisand And Bryan Adams - I Finally Found Someone
40.(29) Eels - Novocaine For The Soul

42.(NE) Section X - Atlantis
51.(NE) Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar
A bigger hit in 1998.
52.(NE) De La Soul - 4 More ft Zhane
53.(NE) Sharkey - Revolutions EP
[Revolution Part One; Revolution Part Two; Revolution Part Two remix]
60.(NE) Feeder - Tangerine
Their first Top 75 hit. Apparently it really is about a citrus fruit. 
61.(NE) The Carter Twins - Twelfth Of Never/Too Right To Be Wrong
63.(NE) Mombassa - Cry Freedom '97
66.(NE) Sybil - When I'm Good And Ready {1997 remix}

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