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Charting 1997: 6th September 1997

Bit of a special this week - it's the chart that was never broadcast on Radio 1, due to the death of Diana, Princess of Wales the night before. It was finally announced when Music Week was published later that week and it's in all the books now so it's not exactly exclusive, but still a bit of a change from the norm. I've even made a Spotify playlist of the 35 available tracks in countdown order.

01. (2) Will Smith - Men In Black
02. (2) Chumbawamba - Tubthumping
03.(NE) Mariah Carey - Honey
So, this was the biggest new hit of the week, another much hyped Mariah release with the hippest names of the day and a massively expensive video. 
04.(NE) All Saints - I Know Where It's At
The chart debut of the second biggest girl group of this era, who were taken irritatingly seriously at the time. Actually, with hindsight this isn't that bad, apart from the really clumsy rapping in the middle.
05.(NE) Ocean Colour Scene - Traveller's Tune
A re-recording of a B-side (from the second CD format of 'The Day We Caught The Train') became their fifth consecutive Top 10 hit and the second single from the Marchin Already album. Rarely mentioned nowadays but even my brother didn't mind it at the time, a punchy if not completely convincing Northern Soul pastiche.
06. (4) Puff Daddy And Faith Evans - I'll Be Missing You
07.(NE) DJ Quicksilver - Free
Not the same song as Ultra Naté's hit holding on at 27, though I believe they were on the same label. It's more instrumental trance.
08.(NE) Radiohead - Karma Police

Second single from OK Computer of course. I don't think I've mentioned it on here before, but I actually heard the album being played over the speakers in Andy's Records a couple of weeks before it came out, which was really exciting back then. I remember noticing that there was a track that sounded a bit like 'Dark Night' by Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, and here it is, although the resemblance isn't quite as clear when you can hear the production in full; I've always loved the way they got the acoustic guitars to sound on here.
It's accompanied by one of the great videos of the year too, although one that wasn't being shown much in early September for obvious reasons.
09. (5) Gala - Freed From Desire
10.(NE) Ginuwine - When Doves Cry
Around the turn of the century, Timbaland gained a reputation as one of the greatest producers in the world, but it sounds like he's learning his craft here, although it would have worked better with a more interesting singer than Ginuwine. The minimalism and tension of the original are totally lost. 
Oh, and you know how he says he's going to take you way back? The original of this song was in the Top 20 exactly 13 years earlier, so was newer then than this is now.
11. (7) Tina Moore - Never Gonna Let You Go
12. (3) Shola Ama - You're The One I Love
13. (6) Dannii Minogue - All I Wanna Do
14. (8) Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
15. (9) The Notorious BIG - Mo Money Mo Problems
16.(NE) No Mercy - Kiss You All Over
Frank's boys return with a cover of Exile's not very good 1970s hit. They don't make it a lot worse.
17.(NE) Bentley Rhythm Ace - Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out!
Jokers in the pack of big beat, the Brummie duo score their only major hit with this major-label reissue of their early "carbootechno" single. Unfortunately, they didn't follow it up for another three years, by which time interest had waned. 
18.(NE) Refugee Allstars/Lauryn Hill - The Sweetest Thing
Little did we know that the Fugees had already had their last hit, as they splintered into various projects. This was Hill's first success outside the group, and a song I found surprisingly pleasant in a laid-back way.
19.(11) Meredith Brooks - Bitch
20.(NE) En Vogue - Too Gone, Too Long
Unexciting Diane Warren ballad pretending to be RnB.
21.(12) Conner Reeves - My Father's Son
22.(13) Mary J Blige - Everything
23.(15) Coolio - C U When U Get There ft 40 Thevz
24.(17) Boyzone - Picture Of You
25.(NE) Gina G - Gimme Some Love
Still milking the one big hit.
26.(14) UB40 - Tell Me Is It True
27.(19) Ultra Nate - Free
28.(10) Jon Bon Jovi - Queen Of New Orleans
29.(21) OTT - All Out Of Love
30.(NE) Hurricane #1 - Chain Reaction
Third single and perhaps their most blatant Oasis pastiche yet. Maybe this was Andy Bell's way of auditioning? They proved not to be much more than a footnote, but even for them this is an overlooked hit.
31.(23) Oasis - D'You Know What I Mean?
32.(20) Wet Wet Wet - Yesterday
33.(29) Livin' Joy - Deep In You
34.(16) Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott - The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)
35.(NE) The Cardigans - Your New Cuckoo
The eventual follow-up to the 'Lovefool' re-issue, and the only hit they didn't include on their Best Of album. Apparently they don't like it very much and it doesn't look like many other people did either but I thought it was cute.
36.(26) Texas - Black Eyed Boy
37.(28) Sash! - Ecuador
38.(18) Foo Fighters - Everlong
39.(30) Peter Andre - All About Us
40.(27) N-Trance - The Mind Of The Machine

48.(NE) Nu-Birth - Anytime

50.(NE) Future Breeze - Why Don't You Dance With Me
51.(NE) Fuzz Townshend - Hello Darlin'
The live drummer for Bentley Rhythm Ace (he'd been in Pop Will Eat Itself with BRA man Richard March) recording solo in a similar style.
53.(NE) Cappella - Be My Baby/Turn It Up And Down
55.(NE) Sunscreem - Catch Me (I'm Falling)
66.(NE) Qwilo And Felix Da Housecat - Dirty Motha'
68.(RE) U2 - Last Night On Earth

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