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Charting 1997: 24th May

A bit of stability at the top for a change - unlike the plummets of the last two Number One singles, Olive don't fall any places at all. Still plenty of new entries though, don't worry.

01.  (1) Olive - You're Not Alone {1997}
02. (NE) Sarah Brightman And Andrea Bocelli - Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro)
Being a teenager at the time, I had no idea this record even existed until Mark Goodier played it on the chart rundown. I'd never even heard of Andrea Bocelli at the time. Needless to say, ignorance was bliss as far as I was concerned.
03. (13) Katrina And The Waves - Love Shine A Light
04. (NE) No Mercy - Please Don't Go
Covering the old KC and the Sunshine Band hit, more recently a European chart topper for Double You? and a UK one for KWS. 
05. (2) The Cardigans - Lovefool {1997}
06. (3) Damage - Wonderful Tonight
07. (4) Shola Ama - You Might Need Somebody
08. (5) R Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly
09.(NE) Toni Braxton - I Don't Want To
Obvious jokes spring to mind. 
10.(10) DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima
11.(NE) The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You {1997 re-issue}
The theme tune to Friends of course, which had already been a big hit in 1995. I believe it was re-issued to promote the VHS release of the first series, which reminds you how long ago 1997 was.
Personally, I always found this deeply annoying as a song. 
12. (7) North And South - I'm A Man Not A Boy
13.(NE) Elvis Presley - Always On My Mind {1997 re-issue}
I didn't remember why this was reissued, but fortunately when I did the YouTube search I found a three-minute TV commercial which included this song it its entirety. One of the better late Elvis hits, I think.
14.(NE) Placebo - Bruise Pristine
Hearing this at the time I thought it was a weak rehash of 'Nancy Boy', although I subsequently learnt that the track had first been released on an indie label in 1995: this is a re-recording. Still, I consider it a less good song that is similar to the big hit.
15.(NE) Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew/One In A Million
The first track had already been a minor hit the previous year, which might be why I remember it; the second was the title cut of her second album and I believe was the bigger hit in America. Rather better than most of the RnB in this chart.
16.(NE) Ginuwine - Tell Me Do U Wanna
If you're asking Toni Braxton, Mr Lumpkin, the answer is no.
17.(16) 911 - Bodyshakin'
18.(17) Blackstreet - Don't Leave Me
19. (6) Gary Barlow - Love Won't Wait
20.(NE) The Orb - Asylum
Strange to think that as recently as this they were big enough to have two Top 20 hits within a year.
21.(NE) Duran Duran - Out Of My Mind
A single from an album so poor nobody could even be bothered to release it in the UK, but this track slipped out as a promotion for the soundtrack of The Saint.
22.(11) The Seahorses - Love Is The Law
23.(NE) Hal ft Gillian Anderson - Extremis
Yeah, this was allowed to happen. Some fairly standard electronica with the actress from the X-Files heavy breathing over it. I suspect the video would have been a significant selling point.
24.(26) Suggs And Co - Blue Day ft The Chelsea Team
Climbing as the big day approached.
25. (9) Eels - Susan's House
26.(NE) Super Furry Animals - Hermann Loves Pauline

At the time I was still somewhat suspicious of the band, who I always thought were somewhat oversold by the press hype. In fairness to them, it'd be almost impossible for any band to be as good as the NME said they were at the time.
This first single from their second album is "of course" named after Einstein's parents and with hindsight it's an excellent glam-rock/techno/hip-hop sort of thing. 
27. (NE) Monica - For You I Will
It seems to have been national bland RnB week. 
28. (NE) Maxwell - Ascension, No-One's Gonna Love You, So Don't Ever Wonder {1997 re-issue}
At least this record is actively poor, or at least sickly in its loverman-style posturing. 
29.(12) Brownstone - 5 Miles To Empty
30.(NE) Beck - Sissyneck
The last and probably least-remembered of the four hits from Odelay - I don't think they even made a video for it. Rather like SFA above, his reviews set an impossible standard and at the time hearing this did nothing to convince me. Even now this seems a very odd choice of single. Incidentally, the track 'Jack-Ass' was released as a fifth single but not in a chart-eligible format.
31.(15) Mary J Blige - Love Is All We Need
32.(14) George Michael - Star People '97
33.(18) Jamiroquai - Alright
34.(22) Republica - Drop Dead Gorgeous
35.(NE) Sandy B - Make The World Go Round {1997 remix}
A song that finally made the Top 20 when it was remixed again.
36.(21) Michael Jackson - Blood On The Dancefloor
37.(25) Red 5 - I Love You... Stop!
38. (8) Primal Scream - Kowalski
39.(20) Delirious? - Deeper
40.(32) No Doubt - Don't Speak

44.(NE) Middlesbrough FC - Let's Dance ft Bob Mortimer And Chris Rea
I've only linked to this in the interests of balance as I linked to the Chelsea video last week. This appears to feature Chris Rea in the sense that Bob Mortimer and the footballers are singing over the top of his original recording.
57.(NE) White Town - Undressed
The follow-up single doing even worse than expected. 

59.(NE) Belle And Sebastian - Dog On Wheels
[Dog On Wheels; The State I Am In [demo]; String Bean Jean; Belle And Sebastian]

Already two albums into their career when they made this first appearance in the singles chart, or indeed any national Top 75, with the first of their three "summer" EP releases. The second track is an early version of the opening track from their then-impossible-to-get debut album Tigermilk, but the other three were previously unreleased songs. Note that contrary to reputation, lead singer Stuart Murdoch actually stars in the video for the title track.
63.(NE) Y-Traxx - Mystery Land
68.(RE) Peter Andre - Natural
70.(NE) Audioweb - Faker

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