Friday, February 01, 2008

Number 24: The Verve

History (Hut HUTDX59)
Chart debut: 30 Sept 1995
Writers: The Verve

If there's a reason why I haven't posted a lot on here, it's been a spate of writer's block about this song: it's an obvious disadvantage of this particular blog setup that I have to post in order.
Even the band reuniting hasn't done the trick, inspiration-wise. So - to get it out of the way I'm going to embed the video. Make up your own minds.

See you at Number 23!

Official website:, not that there's a lot to it now.
YouTube if you want to: Extra! Live in 1998.
Where to get it: A Northern Soul remains my favourite Verve album; the track appears in remastered form on the singles compilation This Is Music, now available with or without a DVD of videos.

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