Friday, February 03, 2006

Number 34: The Supernaturals

Lazy Lover (Food CDFOOD 85)
Chart debut: 26th October 1996

Writers: James McColl/Ken McAlpine/Derek McManus/Alan Tilston/Mark Guthrie.

Lazy Lover CD singleDull autobiographical note: this is one of the first records I can remember waiting for, not counting follow-ups to records I owned. I wasn't much of a music radio listener back then, but I saw in the paper that there was going to be a Cast concert on, and these Glaswegians were the support band, with this being the song that instantly stood out, and was announced as their next single. I don't recall knowing the release date but as the sort of person who visits record shops at least once a week, that wasn't a problem. My only disappointment was that I'd settled for the CD single before I found a copy of the blue 7" single, although I am compensated by an additional track.

But enough about me - what about the tune? Well, it's certainly Britpop, and if that word fills you with dread, this record will fill you with even more. It's bouncy, it's silly, it's got a plinky-plink piano part (from Ken McAlpine) and a big singalong chorus. And the lyrics might be about, ahem, pleasuring yourself "I'd much rather do it in my head". Back when I was a student I couldn't get enough of that sort of thing (er, I mean the music - wash your minds out with soap and water). Whilst I can't honestly claim that it sounds as brilliant ten years on, it's still enjoyable, and dare I say it's worn better than some of the more acclaimed material of that time? It's certainly aged better than Cast.
After the possibly superior follow-up single 'The Day Before Yesterday's Man' and a re-issue of the debut single 'Smile' the band were lucky enough to enjoy a Top Ten debut album. It didn't quite last though, and after the trailer single for their second album wasn't the huge hit EMI had expected, the wind sort of went out of their sails. A depleted line-up put out a third album in 2002, before realising the game was up. Frontman and songwriter James McColl has since re-emerged with a new band, The Hussys.

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Where to get it: The debut album It Doesn't Matter Anymore is probably all the Supernaturals you need, and seemingly all you can get anyway. Plus it's got a cute picture of a monkey on the front.

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